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We specialize in small and large group personal training, nutrition coaching & mindset development. Enjoy a group training atmosphere with workouts and nutrition guidance that can be customized and individualized for you and your results! Our program works because we work together without losing sight of individuals, their different goals, and the different styles of programming and coaching that works for them!

Boot Camp

Our most popular membership.  Experienced personal trainers coach you through a dynamic, fast paced but customizable workout in an energetic group environment that is sure to have you pushing yourself to great heights.

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Small Group Personal Training

Strength training based workout for those who are serious about working hard, improving their strength and reaching their goals on an elevated schedule. Small group atmosphere allows for more personal training and goal development.

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Nutrition Coaching

Work with a skilled Precision Nutrition Certified Coach to individualize your nutrition habits and goals. We combine scientifically proven habit development techniques with your own individual needs and wants to create a program that helps you get results faster.

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Our Next Level Trial Program allows you to experience all we have to offer for a low cost with zero long term commitment. Get an assessment, 4 Small Group Personal Training Sessions and Nutrition Coaching for Only $147. Immerse yourself in the program for 1 month and use our Assessments to help you find what you need to help you reach your goals.

About the Owner - Joshua Douglas

I've been a coach for a long time (over 10 years in fact!)

Before that, I was my own first client, losing over 140 pounds on my journey to becoming a passionate fitness coach!

An Ohio Native and Akron Zip, I moved to Chicago to pursue a career in theater - which means I've worked at a lot of restaurants. 

I struggled with my weight, confidence and happiness for a long time before finding the right track, and when I fell in love with the gym, I discovered a purpose and a passion beyond anything I had experienced before.

I love helping people achieve their goals the way I did. Nothing makes me happier than seeing our members reach their potential and achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams.

Between personal training clients and group training members we have literally helped thousands of people just like you lose weight, tone up, and most importantly feel empowered and more confident in their own skin!

Kelly B.

Josh is awesome. He’s challenged me to push myself & definitely roots for me & cheers us all on! Once you start PH with him, you’ll love it! His conversations will make you think!

Kristen C

Josh is wonderful to work with! He is knowledgeable and helpful in his feedback/cues. He definitely puts faith in you and makes you think you can do a certain exercise or lift a certain weight, when you are doubting yourself. He holds you accountable in PHs and strategy sessions and is honestly not judging you (even if you think he is! haha). I will have been with the gym for 3 years in January 2021, and in the past 4 months of doing BC/PH and monthly strategy sessions, I have learned so many new things (workout/form related, daily habits, tricks for managing weekends/social events, etc.).

Mary Jo M

Oh my God he’s amazing. So raw and authentic. Because of that it makes him a more dedicated and engaged coach. I get the sense he truly cares about everyone  and wants everyone to have the skills to achieve their goals. Josh’s off the cuff commentary is hilarious and in good fun. I’ve had numerous heart to heart convos with Josh that helped me turn my thoughts to a better way of looking at a problem, he is always willing to spend the time.

Group Training Schedule

Our most flexible program with nearly 40 sessions per week - our Group Training combines cardio and strength training for a great full body workout that will have you burning calories long after the workout is complete.

A supportive environment and experienced coaches allow you to push yourself harder than you ever though possible while in an environment designed for safety and results.

We're so confident you'll love it, your first two weeks are on us!

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